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The Henson Bowling Academy offers a unique training ground for elite youth bowlers who aspire to very high levels in collegiate, amateur, and professional bowling. At the core of the organization is a faculty made up of USBC Trained Instructors who are all at least Silver Level. The faculty is led by Bill Henson, Director of Academics.

Supporting the faculty is an administrative staff, led by the Director of Administration, who receives and processes admission application forms from prospective students. Administration ensures applications meet all the requirements for completeness. Those that are complete are then forwarded to the Director of Academics for consideration for admission. Those that are incomplete are returned to the applicant with an explanation of why it is being returned. Administration also establishes with each admitted student a customized plan for payment of tuition. The Director of Administration serves as the bursar and receives and processes tuition payments.

The Director of Finance and Accounting oversees all financial operations and directs all financial planning and structure. The Director coordinates, analyzes, and reports financial performance of the organization to the President and the Board of Directors.

The Director of Marketing is in charge of HBA’s marketing efforts and strategies as well as all sales activities. The Director promotes the organization’s services and works closely with the CEO, President, and the Board of Directors.

The Director of Physical Fitness and Nutrition helps prepare guidance in these two areas for all students. The plans are both age and gender appropriate. The Director oversees adherence to the fitness and nutrition activities and serves as an advisor to both the student and the assigned faculty advisor. The Director also works closely with the CEO, President, and the Board of Directors.

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