Why HBA?

If you dream of a career in bowling, Coach Bill Henson has the bowling knowledge and the skill in teaching to show you the way. He has been there and done that! It is now his life’s mission to confer that knowledge to select young bowlers who aspire to bowling greatness.(Click here to view Coach Henson’s credentials.) There is no shortcut to greatness… how hard you work will, of course, determine your results!

The Henson Bowling Academy (HBA) is the equivalent of a college degree in bowling. We will prepare you with the skills and motivation tools to achieve your bowling dreams.

Do you want to…
  • Excel on a High School bowling team on a College bowling team?
  • Make a Team USA squad?
  • Become a PBA Champion?
What you can expect as an HBA student
  • To develop your physical game, your strategic game, your mental game
  • To gain a deep understanding of equipment, oil patterns, lane machines, etc.
  • To learn how to develop and follow physical fitness and nutrition plans critical to a long career in bowling
  • To earn belts, like in martial arts, that signify progression through the program. A BLACK belt will be difficult!
  • To understand how to handle winning… and how to learn from losing
  • To present yourself well when that TV camera is in your face after a big win
  • To know how to spend and invest your prize money wisely
What is involved
  • This is a rigorous annual program that includes:
    • An orientation program to 1) establish your vision and goals and 2) assess your current skill level
    • Two 5-day workshops
    • Four 4-hour mini-workshops
    • Year-round individual study and drilling monitored weekly
  • You will receive personal attention outside of the workshops by your Faculty Advisor who will conduct twice monthly feedback sessions with you, coordinated with your private coach if you have one outside of the HBA. Each month it is recommended that you have two 1-hour private lessons with your private coach at bowling center of your choosing or with your Faculty Advisor at Sequoia Pro Bowl.
  • We will assist you through the college recruiting process, when the time is right, if that is in your plans.

Learn more about Coach Bill Henson – click here

If you are ready for the challenge that will prepare you for a career in bowling, contact Coach Henson by emailing info@HensonBowlingAcademy.com or by phone at 614-774-3002. We want to help you become a Bowling Champion!

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