As a student in the Henson Bowling Academy, you are preparing for a career as a bowler at the elite levels of the sport. Rather than just learning about how to bowl well you also develop skills that are integral to being successful as a career bowler.

The 2017-2018 academic year consists of three terms – spring term, summer term, and winter term. The schedule contains two 5-day workshops, one in the spring term and one in the summer term. This structure will likely change in future academic years, especially in the number of workshops.

This program is designed such that instead of “taking courses” in the traditional sense you attend workshops between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Between the workshops in the spring and summer terms and between Labor Day and the ensuing Memorial Day in the winter term you perform drills customized to your level of expertise, do assignments, take tests, follow physical fitness and nutrition plans customized for you, and submit progress reports all under the direction of a faculty advisor. Every activity you perform is an element in one of twelve education tracks.

An education track is a learning path for a specific topic that is either skill-based or knowledge-based. The education tracks are logically grouped into education groups based on a common purpose. The education groups and their associated tracks are as follows:

Each education track has a documented list of objectives that map the learning path.

Each education track has a documented list of completion criteria for each progression (belt) level.