For those of you who have questions about the Henson Bowling Academy, you may want to read through these frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your question/answer here you can go to the Contact Us page, complete the online form, and submit your question or you can submit your question more directly by sending an email message to info@hensonbowlingacademy.com.

When will I know if I am admitted into the Henson Bowling Academy?

The deadline for applications is June 15 for the summer trimester each academic year. Beginning then we will review the applications for completeness and quickly return those that have missing pieces. A limited window will be available for resubmitting amended applications. If too much is missing your application may be rejected outright. The HBA faculty will then review all the applications, study the videos provided, evaluate the essays, and interview the references to determine who are viable candidates. Then we will make the final decisions on those who will be admitted based on class size limitations. All applicants will either receive a Welcome Package or a rejection letter by about the first week in July. The Welcome Package will contain everything you need to know and do prior to the first workshop. The rejection letter will explain the reason(s) for the rejection and recommendation(s) to enhance chances of successful admission next year.

If I am a student in the Henson Bowling Academy am I still allowed to bowl for my high school team?

If you are a high school bowler in the state of Ohio, the O.H.S.A.A. forbids you from participating in leagues and tournaments during your high school bowling season which starts with your first match and ends with your involvement in post-season play. While not a league or a tournament, the HBA consists of non-competition workshops. So there no conflicts in that regard. During your high school season you can still complete HBA assignments and attend HBA events as usual. If you are from a state other than Ohio, you need to ask your coach about the rules for your state.

Does the Henson Bowling Academy participate in tournaments or competitions as a group?

Not specifically. HBA students are not required to compete in any outside tournaments but they are highly recommended. If some of our students choose to form teams with other HBA students to enter outside tournaments, that would be viewed very positively by the HBA faculty. Our only requirement when you bowl in outside tournaments or competition is that you wear your HBA competition shirt with your name on the back. The HBA logo with your belt level designation needs to be displayed on the right sleeve. Exceptions are granted if the tournament rules prohibit it such as Teen Masters and PBA or PWBA tournaments. Our logo is not PBA or PWBA product registered and cannot be displayed in those events.

Is attendance at all workshops and mini-camps required?

Absolutely! Successful progress through the program is dependent upon exposure to all of the learning materials. The workshops are a combination of lectures and on-lane application of the lecture material under direct supervision of the HBA faculty. Missing even one module might compromise a student’s ability to achieve the next belt level in a timely manner. Additionally, the material is presented in a logical sequence such that, frequently, there is dependency between the modules.

I am only in 7th grade. Am I too young to apply?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how dedicated you are to the sport of bowling. If you are strongly considering making bowling your life’s work then age is not a factor. The essay you write when applying for admission is a key element for us considering you for admission. If you can convince us of your passion for the sport of bowling, if your video shows you already have a pretty good physical game, and if the reference you provide us confirms both of those, then you stand a good chance of being admitted.

I do not live in the Columbus, OH area Is lodging provided?

When you are admitted into the program, a list of hotels near the bowling center is available upon request. The cost of lodging is not included in the tuition. Transportation to and from Sequoia during the workshops can usually be worked out.

I currently have a personal coach who is giving me bowling lessons. When I am not in one of the workshops am I allowed to still do that?

Certainly! In fact we encourage that to continue. The bond between a player and a coach is a very positive element to that player’s progress. Just make sure your assigned HBA faculty member knows about this arrangement and has the name and phone number of your coach. Open communications between those coaching you and your assigned HBA faculty member will only enhance your ability to reach your goals.

I bowl in a summer league to stay sharp. The workshops in your program are in the summer months. Am I allowed to still bowl in my league?

Not only is it allowed, it is recommended. As an HBA student you will constantly be working on refining your game by performing drills and engaging in practices with stated objectives. Bowling in a summer league or two can do nothing but help you get better.

My family may have trouble paying the tuition. Are there any scholarships available?

Not at this time. However, we are investigating the possibility of using funds in your S.M.A.R.T. account to pay some of the HBA tuition. Stay tuned on this one.

Your Homepage says there are tuition payment plans. What are they?

Certainly, anyone can pay the entire tuition amount in full at the beginning of the academic year. If that’s not convenient, other options are available such as paying by trimester or making monthly tuition payments.